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Ants and Cats workbooks are great for just about anywhere: school, home, playdate, park, doctor’s office, your favorite café, or restaurant. These workbooks are versatile, fun, and engaging. Print just one or a few workbooks and watch your children have fun and blossom right in front of your eyes.

Anna Lian

Publisher | Teacher | Mom

As a mom and a teacher, Anna struggled with having her own children stay focused and engaged. Waiting to be served at a restaurant was a disaster, and trying to grab a bite wasn’t easy either. Unintentionally, at a playground, is where her research began. She spoke with other moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers, who, just like her, looked like they needed a break, even for a few minutes. Anna woke up one day with a random ant story in her head, wrote it down, and the rest is history. She chose to focus on workbooks, not worksheets because, as a teacher, she noticed that most worksheets end up in the trash while, workbooks are work-in-progress learning opportunities. Don’t delay, print a workbook or two, and go grab that bite or have that cup of coffee you’ve been waiting to enjoy.



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Ants And Cats

Learning how to read and write should be fun. It should also be easily accessible. With Ants and Cats workbooks, all you need is access to a printer.

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